Monday, February 15, 2010

I Love Me !!

This Page is Dedicated To Myself...

Sometimes I wonder who I am..
I may be clumsy and silly at times
I may be complaining, whining and judging
Get angry and emotional, making people annoy !
I may have different beliefs and my point of view
Keep changing my name, sounding a little superstitious too !

But I have a side too which is strong and positive..
I have a heart full of love - For me, you and all
I have a will to live my dreams and follow my calling
To be of service and make my life fulfilling !
My weaknesses may hold me back at times
But my passion and purpose will keep me on !

Sometimes I can't see my path..
I get lost in the crowd
I may not have a sense of direction
Feels like there is no way out, whiling away my time !
But I know I am guided and supported
By God and my loved ones to stay on my path !

Life is a journey with ups and downs..
I shall not lose faith in my God
I have a potential to conquer my shortcomings
To reach high like a beacon shining her light !
Things happen at the right time, unfolding life perfectly
I shall not give up to live my life fully !

I shall keep on walking not losing sight of my destination..
I may get tired but I shall l look onto my leaders
Gather up my strength and confidence !
Follow my leaders and be with them one day
To lead those who are on the same path
For we shall change the world for the good of all !

So am I not a perfect human being with all its imperfections?
Sometimes bad and sometimes good
Learning lessons from life as it comes
Gaining wisdom, doing my best !
I now appreciate my goodness and my beauty
Today I accept myself as I am !

I am a child of God always loved unconditionally..
I may not always feel it but I know it in my heart
I may not be understood by others
But I know I am doing just fine !
So why should I feel lonely and wait for my lover
For I am my own lover and I am madly in love with Me !

I Love Me !

--- Jasmine Vee Vaibhavi Sartape :))
My Purpose: Learning, sharing, caring, connecting, inspiring and serving !
Happy Valentines Day forever !!

Please feel free to share this blog with your loved ones to remind ourselves that we need to love ourselves first more than anybody else ! Also leave some lovely words to show your love for yourself..